Marketing & SEO

Make sure your business gets the visibility
it needs; finally achieve full potential.

Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Many visitors will wonder why we put marketing and search engine optimization together. Short answer?
Google ranks sites with high importance at the top.
Google bases importance of a page on its content and incoming links from other sites.
So, the best way to get to the top of Google is to have solid content paired with internet “buzz.”

The days of link farms and directory are behind us, these old school techniques are now actually detrimental to a site’s page ranking. To become popular on Google, your site has to be somewhat popular on the internet- that is where the marketing comes in.

The SEO Process

We analyze your current website, page by page, and fix any errors that may hinder Google from indexing it properly.

This includes:
  • Broken html tags
  • Validation errors
  • Useless coding
  • 404, 301, and other redirection issues
  • Misspellings
We then go through and optimize each page with your unique keywords in mind.

We modify:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Heading tags (h1, h2, etc)
  • Phrasing orders
  • Linking
  • Content
  • Keyword Density

The Marketing Process

Depending on the depth needed, we market through both online and physical avenues. Online we develop a stronger presence with quality backlinks and articles as well as finding prospective strategic partners for your business. Depending on your type of business, a physical campaign can also be launched with cost effective print materials and advertising analysis.


“My company had SEO done years ago and it worked, but we recently dropped off Google entirely. What can we do?”


This is something we hear a lot, those “tricks” of ‘ol are no longer effective for google placing; actually quite the opposite, they are now a hindrance. Google constantly changes its indexing algorithm to overcome those trying to trick their way into high rankings and it limits those who employ those tricks. That is why our SEO services are so unique- we simply make your website as efficient, relevant, and fast as it can be, then we market to generate discussion and quality links to your website on the internet.